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The Board welcomes applications from candidates with approved Orofacial Pain Continuing Education Credits

The ABOP Written and Oral Examinations are held in conjunction with the American Academy of Orofacial Pain's Annual Conference.  To earn Diplomate status an individual must first pass the Written Examination and then the Oral Examination.  The Oral Examination must be taken within 5 years of passing the Written Examination.



Eligibility Requirements

Examination candidates must fulfill the following requirements prior to applying for the written examination:

1. Candidates must have an unrestricted Active license to practice dentistry in at least one of the states of the United States of America, its Commonwealths or Territories, or have a full-time dental school faculty member exemption. Non US dental school graduates applicants who do not practice in the United States must provide documentation of graduation from dental school (license eligible).

2. You must meet one of the following criteria.

a. You must have accumulated at least 400 documented hours of Continuing Education credits focused specifically in Orofacial Pain AND have practiced Orofacial Pain full time for at least two years or part time for at least five years,


b. You must have completed a one or two year full-time residency, preceptorship or fellowship in a university or hospital based Orofacial Pain training program, OR

c. You must have completed an online and/or hybrid Orofacial Pain program with at least 400 hours of CE credit in Orofacial Pain specifically AND have practiced Orofacial Pain full time for at least two years or part time for at least five years.

Completion or participation in any post-graduate program other than a program specifically teaching Orofacial Pain does not qualify. Thus no other ADA recognized specialty programs and other non-specialty programs qualify.

For non-USA candidates, the same requirements hold; the program attended must specifically teach Orofacial Pain and not be part of another training program within dentistry or medicine. However, if the graduate program offers lectures covering topics pertinent to Orofacial Pain, the candidate may possibly receive hourly credits for those lectures specific to orofacial pain by providing proper documentation from the academic institution as to the topics and hours in class. Decisions as to whether a lecture segment will qualify will be made on a case by case basis.

Candidates who have completed a one or two-year full time Orofacial Pain program should submit a letter from their program directors indicating their board eligibility status.

Candidates who have not completed a one or two year full time university or hospital based program or those who completed online and /or hybrid courses in Orofacial Pain must document at least two years of full time or five years of part-time clinical experience in the field of Orofacial Pain.